Elmore Co. High remembers school nurse

Nurse Martha Holley
Nurse Martha Holley

ECLECTIC, AL (WSFA) - The tornado tragedy in Elmore County took an unexpected twist this week.  A woman who worked tirelessly assisting others in the relief efforts has died.

The flags outside Elmore County High School are at half staff in honor of the school nurse Martha Holley.

Delena Collins has worked alongside Holley for seven years.  She said, "She was very dear to me.  She was here for us just as much as she was for the children."

Holley died from an aneurysm; her funeral was Thursday.  Elmore County High School senior John Ford Ammerman was there.

"The preacher said she was more like an angel.  That's the best way to describe her," he said.

Ammerman said he'll remember her most for her comforting smile and caring spirit. It's the same spirit she took to the front lines of the rescue and recovery efforts after the tornado hit.

"She was there through it all," Ammerman said.

"She kept telling them, 'I'm a nurse. I can help. Just let me through.' So that's the type of person she was. She didn't care what was going on at her house, she was there to help somebody else," Collins added.

In the days following the storms, Holley helped her church gather supplies for those who lost their homes.

Collins says she believes this is how Mrs. Holley would have wanted to have spend her last days-- helping others.

Collins said, "Out of all the people I know, I have no doubt in my mind that she is in Heaven.  There is no doubt."

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