Does the road to recovery run through Marengo County?

Friday - May, 13, 2011

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Day after day we've reported on the devastation inflicted on so many parts of our state.  But now, folks who live in Marengo County are saying, "what about us?" Are they really being overlooked in the recovery effort?  Tonight, we'll have a report from WSFA 12 News reporter Samuel King who traveled to the west Alabama county to find out first hand.  His report may surprise you!

And, then we'll whisk you away to the flood zone.  The mighty Mississippi is living up to his name.  The old man just keeps rolling along - overflowing his banks on the way to New Orleans and the gulf. 

There's a move in our state to "un-blur" the lines between juveniles and adults in Alabama's sex abuse laws.  It's part 2 of our special report on legislation that some say may do more harm than good.  Watch WSFA 12 News reporter Jennifer Oravet's story...and decide for yourself.

And, could Montgomery soon be home to a college football bowl game with a prominent title sponsor? We'll sort out the talk from the facts at 10.

Hope you'll join us...

And, by the way, have a GREAT weekend.  You deserve it!

Bob H.