A big problem for Lake Martin boaters...

Monday - May 16, 2011

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Imagine being out on the water at Lake Martin - taking a leisurely boat ride - when all of a sudden WHAM!!....you hit something just below the surface.  You thought you knew where all the stumps and pilings were when the water was low.  This was something new.  Turns out it was a huge piece of a rooftop ripped away by the powerful EF-4 tornado on April 27th - floating just out of sight.

Boaters and others who enjoy the lake worry that the local efforts to clean up the debris will fall short. It's just too big a job...one that needs specialized equipment. Where can they turn?  Find out in our lead story tonight at 10. 

Montgomery got more good economic news today.  Hyundai is expanding - building a new engine for several models.  It's the "Nu" engine (after the Greek letter) and it means another $173,000,000 invested in the plant near Hope Hull.

After 28 years on the Auburn University Board of Trustees, Bobby Lowder appears to be calling it quits.  Lowder, often a lightning rod for criticism, has asked that his name be removed from the nomination process for another term.

And, have that light jacket ready for the kids when they head out to school and you head out to work tomorrow morning.  Expect another cool start to the day.

As soon as you lay of that jacket for the kids - I hope you'll stay up and watch our news at 10.  I think it's a pretty good newscast!

See you then.

Bob H.