Deputy seriously hurt at the end of a chase

Tuesday - May 17, 2011

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Just about the time traffic was picking up on U.S. 80 west of Montgomery this afternoon - witnesses couldn't believe what they saw.  A Lowndes County deputy's car chasing a red SUV with a young teenager at the wheel.  The chase ended suddenly and violently when the two vehicles collided with an 18 wheeler headed toward Selma.  The deputy and the young driver were hurt bad enough to be taken in by helicopter.  We'll talk with those eye-witnesses about what they saw.

Down in the small Houston County town of Cowarts - outside Dothan - deputies set up a driver's license check point.  Everything was going along as expected until a car struck one of the deputies.  The officers say the driver did it on purpose - and was aiming at another deputy when officers opened fire.  The driver was hit - but survived.  We'll have an update on his condition.

And, a big night for the Montgomery County Board of Education - considering some key personnel and facility issues.  We'll have a full report on what happened...or didn't 10.

All this and a warming forecast, too.

See you on the set...soon.

Bob H.