Downtown businesses prepare for Jubilee

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Managers at Dreamland Barbecue in downtown Montgomery's Alley Station are familiar with Jubilee CityFest.

"It's live, it's got a lot of nice people that come out," says Dreamland Manager, Edwina Brown.

Dreamland has been downtown for three years and have the weekend down to a science.

"I think it gets better every year because we know what to expect," adds Brown.

Manager Edwina Brown always expects a large turnout, but admits last year was different.

"I guess the weather was kinda grum on Jubilee last year."

But with big names like Bruno Mars, she's planning for bigger crowds and barbecue cravings.

Just yards away, owners at the newly opened Cantina Mexican restaurant have never experienced Jubilee weekend, and look forward to a nice boost for their brand new business.

"We [are] trying to get our people in the kitchen all the crew ready for the weekend," says Owner Jorge Castro.

Both restaurants are prepared for the rush.

"We got plenty of room. No matter how big your party is, we got you," says Brown.

They're even bringing in extra employees.

"We have a of handful of people that are coming from Birmingham to help us, just in case we need it."

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