Mayor & motorcycle officer's father speak after wreck

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange is identifying the motorcycle police officer who was injured in the line of duty Friday afternoon.

Officer Chris White, 26, is being treated at Jackson Hospital for injuries sustained in a crash at the intersection of South Court Street and High Street near downtown. White has been on motorcycle detail for approximately a year.

White, a 4 year veteran of the force, was pursuing a car that went around a barricade near the Freedom Rides event, in an effort to ticket the violator.

A second vehicle, a green Nissan Maxima, reportedly made an illegal left-hand turn from the center lane and the officer slammed into the driver's side door.

The officer's motorcycle had its lights and sirens engaged when the collision occurred.

The driver of the damaged car was treated for minor injuries. The car the officer was pursuing did not stop. Officers are still searching for that driver. Mayor Strange says his officers have a "vague description" of the vehicle, but details have not been released to the public.

Officer White's father, also named Chris White, told WSFA 12 News he's relieved his son's injuries were not worse. "He's got a compound fracture," Mr. White said, in addition to several abrasions.  White said he believes his son will continue on the force, and would be back on a motorcycle.

"It would devastate him if they did take it away from him," White said.  "He feels like he's doing a service to the city by riding it. He's planning to stay with the force, and this won't change his mind at all."

Mayor Strange said motorcycle patrols by the Montgomery Police Department will continue.

"That tool allows us to go places we would not be able to go otherwise, so people have asked me if we will discontinue the use of bikes, no, we will not discontinue the use of bikes," Strange said.

Officer White was being medicated and is resting comfortably.   The Alabama Department of Public Safety will take over the investigate as a matter of policy.

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