Emery Cat - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – If you've been searching for a way to trim your cats' nails without the struggle, then the Emery Cat Board might be right up your alley.  That's if it works as promised.

The packaging states that it "helps prevent cats from scratching your furniture.  The easy and safe way to trim your cats' nails."  So it was time to drop off this board in a room full of cats to see how well it actually entices the cats to scratch and ultimately how well it trims the nails.

The Emery Cat comes packaged with a base, a toy, catnip, and the board insert.  The honeycomb shaped board sits in the base.  Its outer surface is modestly infused with a rough sand-like material designed to help dull your cats' nails.  The catnip sprinkles into the cracks on the board to stimulate the cats to come to the board and have a scratch fest.

Diana Andersen runs the Hobo Hotel no-kill cat shelter.  She likes the idea of the Emery Cat, but has her doubts.

"It probably is safe for the cat and you, but I don't know if it's going to trim them all the way," explains Diana.

We put the catnip infused emery cat in a room with about six cats.  Almost immediately, our white cat Chaulkey runs up and starts scratching.  The others were curious, but a bit timid of the camera and company in the room, so we left the room to watch.  Sure enough, they gather around the board to explore.  I leave the board in the room  for a week.

One week passes and I return to see how the Emery Cat is working.  The board is torn up in spots, so the cats were definitely using it.  Most notably, a kitten by the name of Monkey was having a ball with the toy and the board.

Diana says, "As you can tell by monkey here, the kittens really seemed to like it.  It's a good little play thing for them, and probably would keep them entertained for hours.  And the larger cats, they like it."

The cats do like it, which is a plus.  But the real test comes with a look at their nails.  Monkey's nails are barely beginning to dull, while Chaulkey's still remain relatively sharp.

Diana gives it the benefit of the doubt, but is not overly impressed with the trimming capabilities adding, "Over time, it probably would shorten their nails."

We contacted the company to see how long the average cat needs to use the board to trim their nails, but we did not receive a response by our deadline.  So with a new toy cats and kittens absolutely adore coupled with sharp nails remaining, Diana expresses her thoughts.

"I'd say kind of, just the issue of does it actually trim their nails completely?" says Diana.

Although the cats enjoyed the board, and your results may differ, the Emery Cat gets a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Emery Cat cost us $20 at a retail store.

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