One Second Needle - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – If you're looking to replace that missing button or patch up that hole in your pocket, you'd likely turn to your trusty sewing kit.  Some of us would just get flustered by trying to thread the needle.  However, with the One Second Needle, the problem of wasting time threading could be eliminated, if the product works as promised.

The packaging says it threads itself.  The whole premise behind the One Second Needle is a special open eyelet that allows you to thread the needle in three simple steps, which as you can infer should only take about a second.  Our kit comes with eight needles (four small, four large) and a nifty 130 piece sewing kit to get us started.

I choose thin black thread form the kit to get rolling.  Now to have a basis for comparison, I begin with a standard needle with a medium eye to thread first.  Using the method of licking the thread and eyeballing it, I spend about fifteen seconds threading a standard needle.  Once threaded, the needle sews like a champ.

Moving on to the One Second Needle, I use thread from the same spool.  As directed by the instructions, I loop, pull, and thread the new needle! It may not have taken a second, but two to three seconds isn't terribly bad.  It too glides along the fabric, sewing without trouble.

I'm satisfied with the One Second Needle on a thin fabric.  I move to thicker fabric, sliding the needle through jean material a couple dozen times.  It again glides through the fabric each time with ease.

I move on to some thicker thread next.  This becomes a bit of a hang-up, even with the largest needle.  I cut the thread on one attempt, and broke the eye off the needle on another try.  So it looks like I'm limited to thinner threads with the One Second Needle.

Despite the issues I experience with the thicker threads, our test finds the One Second Needle hems its way to a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We found our One Second Needle at a local retailer selling for $9.99.

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