WEB EXTRA: Mark's personal favorite apps!

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - There are few more apps, which didn't make my top 10 list because they're already so popular. And there are some that are not necessarily popular, but silly, so they didn't fit into the "simplify your life" theme.

Either way, I thought I'd share a few of my other favorites!

Netflix allows you to stream movies and television shows to your device. You can also manage your Netflix account and add movies to your queue.

Almost everyone has a Facebook page. The Facebook app allows you to stay in constant contact with your friends. There's also an app for Twitter.

The Remote app turns your iPhone into a remote control for your iTunes library. So you can control your music from anywhere in your home. (Must have wifi network)

Dragon Dictation allows you to speak a phrase into your phone. Then you can send it as a text or email. You can also post it to social networking sites.

Card Star saves all of your reward card barcodes in one place. So the next time you go to the grocery store or drug store, you won't need to fumble through your wallet. Just scan your smartphone and go. (Although, I have had trouble with the scanners at a couple stores, so don't throw away your cards just yet!)

Angry Birds is rapidly turning into the most popular game online these days. And I must admit, it's pretty addictive!

Words with Friends is another popular game, similar to Scrabble, which you can play with friends in other locations.

Tour Wrist turns your smartphone into a window to the world! Choose from hundreds of locations, then hold your phone at eye-level. As you turn, you see full 360-degree images!

There are several apps similar to Sound Hound. They're pretty cool. You just hold up your smartphone while a song is playing and the app will tell you the name of the song and artist. It also gives you a chance to buy the single online.

Kayak is a great app for planning vacations and finding out about cheap deals.

Finally, Trulia is a great app if you're in the market to buy real estate. It shows you MLS information and photos based on your geographic location.

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