Two volunteers return more compassionate and humbled after trip to tornado-damaged Rainsville

This was the scene one week ago at the First Baptist Church in downtown Prattville; volunteers like Dave Burns and Larry Deavers scurrying around, loading up boxes of much-needed supplies to Rainsville in Dekalb County.

That's where 33 people died and more than a hundred or so got hurt in the April 27th tornado.

"We have to go help," said Burns during our original story just before they left on May 18th.

A few days later we talked with Burns and Deavers after their trip. Both conceded the experience changed them, an irony not lost in the mission to make a difference.

Both feel they came back more compassionate, more humbled, moved by what they witnessed on the ground in Rainsville.

"People lost everything they had. People were waiting for us to unload just as we were pulling up," said Deavers.

"You could see the hopelessness," Burns said.

A case in point.

It's been said a picture is worth a thousand words. A photograph taken by Burns shows people living in tents and starting over.

"I was shakened but when you can do something.. that's a blessing. You become overwhelmed when you do nothing," said Burns.

Even though the men were shocked by what they saw, they're already making plans to make another delivery. It may not be Rainsville but some place where the need is great and the wounds are raw.

"These people need help. I need to go back," said Deavers.

The First Baptist Church is serving as a collection point for at least 5 churches in Autauga County. There is no word when or where the next trip will be.

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