Bill would let voters decide how MPS is run

File Photo: Montgomery School Board during a recent meeting.
File Photo: Montgomery School Board during a recent meeting.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - A bill making its way through the Alabama legislature would let voters decide who would run the Montgomery County Public School system. The bill passed the House Thursday morning.

WSFA 12 News asked Superintendent Barbara Thompson for her reaction and she said she wouldn't have any comment until the matter was settled with the legislature.

The bill would change the way Montgomery chooses its superintendent of education. Currently, only board members get a vote. The bill, if passed, would put the decision in voters' hands.

"This only enables the people of Montgomery County to make a decision amongst themselves," said Rep. Thad McClammy (D-Montgomery). "This bill does not give the legislature a right to determine if it's elected." McClammy says he want's the people to have the right to decide if they want to elect or have their board appointed.

"I don't think that's a systemic problem with Montgomery as whether or not elected. That means our school board members, our elected school board members, aren't doing their job," said Rep. Greg Wren (R-Montgomery). "That doesn't look well on them if that's being the case. Wren says a better job must be done to get control of the Montgomery school system.

The bill now moves to the Senate. If it passes that chamber, it will be put on a statewide ballot for voter approval.

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