Nominations Made For State Board Of Pardons And Paroles

A nominating committee sent the Governor recommendations Thursday for the newly expanded state parole board that included several people with parole and law enforcement experience.

The nominees included parole board employees Cynthia Dillard, Lowell Stephen McGill Junior, and VeLinda Weatherly, state criminal appeals court attorney Jennifer Mullins Garrett, former Lowndes County Sheriff John Hulett and former federal probation officers Robert P. Longshore and Cecilia Tubbs. Also included were former State Ethics Commission member Ray Warren, state prison drug counselor Donald Dietz and victims assistance officer Anita Stringfellow.

Governor Bob Riley's selections will fill five seats on the parole board and start a series of stepped-up hearings that he hopes will lead to five to six-thousand more nonviolent prisoners being released within a year. Riley's goal is to double the parole rate to ease prison overcrowding and bring home Alabama inmates in private prisons in Mississippi and Louisiana.

Alabama Associated Press