Governor Bentley visits Lake Martin tornado damage

DADEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - Governor Robert Bentley visited Lake Martin with one message for tornado victims here and across the state.

"We're going to make sure that every area of Alabama is taken care of--rural as well as urban," says Bentley.

He and other county and state officials addressed residents on the progress of Lake Martin clean-up.

Right now the Army Corps of Engineers and private companies are removing debris from public areas.

The Governor says he's proud of what he sees.

"They've gone to work, they're doing their job, they're cleaning up, they're doing exactly what we've asked them to do," says Bentley.

Residents like Leon and Marjorie Archer are glad to see it. They live on Lake Martin near Alexander City.

Even though their house wasn't damaged, they're seeing the effects of the tornado even where they live.

"We could see debris floating around and of course we stopped and picked it up. It was 2x4's and 2x12's and things like that, you know. So it's amazing how it made its way up the lake," says Leon.

That's why the Archer's and the Governor are warning boaters--debris could be anywhere.

"I just feel like they just need to be very careful," says Bentley.

"Watch where you're going, know where you're going and stay in your area where you know it's safe," adds Marjorie.

The Army Corps of Engineers will start cleaning up private property in Tallapoosa County next week.

If you have property damage, you must sign a consent form letting them on your property.

You can do it at the Tallapoosa County Courthouse Tuesday at 8am.

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