Man breaks in to homes with residents inside

MONTGOMERY CO., AL (WSFA) - "I could hear someone inside my house...and obviously [I was] scared to death."

Pintlala resident Tim McCullough came home just in time to find someone else inside.

"The subject came out of my house, came around and attempted to get in his vehicle."

When McCullough realized the man had broken into his home, he grabbed a gun, and tried to stop him.

"I shot the tire so that he could not leave. I took the keys away from him and he fled on foot."

That's when McCullough called 911 and Montgomery County Sheriff's officials started searching for the burglar using a helicopter and Kilby Correctional Facility search dogs.

When they got to McCullough's house, they discovered the truck the suspect left behind was reported stolen from Florida.

"You just feel violated after this. You feel like your whole world's been destroyed," says McCullough.

Sheriff's officials say while they were investigating McCullough's property, they got a call that the man they were looking for had broken into another house just down the road.

"I was awakened by the sound of someone trying to break into my house," says Natalie Norris.

Norris was asleep when the suspect entered her home.  When she realized what was happening, she grabbed a gun and approached him.

"I pointed the gun at him and I said 'hey, get out of my house.'"

The suspect fled again. While Natalie's parents weren't home at the time, her dad says he's just thankful she remembered what he taught her.

"I've always instructed her that if we're not here and she's by herself to take my pistol to her bedroom with her," says Julius Norris.

Sheriff's officials found the suspect three hours later.

"He looked at me and said I'm sorry ma'am," adds Norris.

Sheriff's investigators say the suspect is Steven Collier of Florida. He was arrested and charged with burglary and theft. Other charges are pending for the stolen truck.

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