State Democrats want a comprehensive approach

Tuesday - May 31, 2011

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Hope you had a good Memorial Day holiday...kinda hard getting back in the grind today wasn't it?

We're back in the groove for tonight's newscasts starting at 6.  We've got a developing story from the state legislature.  Republicans are pushing through a bill that is designed to increase the state's appeal to foreign companies.  We'll explain how the bill would make the state more attractive.

We'll also have a quick update on a move to revamp the structure of the Auburn University Board of Trustees.  The bill's sponsor says Auburn is still using district lines drawn back in 1960.

A sad story from Millbrook.  Police confirm information we had received last night that a very young child drowned in a swimming pool.  We'll tell you what the police know so far.

The unusually hot weather is impacting lots of people who work outdoors.  But imagine what it does for firefighters wearing heavy protective suits, backpacks and tools.  We're going into the flames tonight at 6 to give you a feel for what it's like.

And, Rich says the hot weather is not going anywhere anytime soon.  He'll update the uncomfortable combination of oppressive heat and humidity.

Hope you'll join us at 6, 9 (on 12.2) and 10 for all this and more...

See you on the set shortly!

Bob H.