New international study links cells phone radiation and cancer

Tuesday - May 31, 2011
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My wife thinks I'm addicted to my smart phone.  She's banned it from the dinner table and when we're out visiting with friends.  My children and all their friends share the addiction. Do you have the same problem?
Tonight at 10,we have a story about a new survey from the World Health Organization says there's a good chance the radiation from cell phones is linked to some cancers.  We talked with a physician at the Montgomery Cancer Center about the new findings.  It's a story you need to see for yourself...especially if you're reading this email on your phone!
Businesses on a stretch of Cloverdale Road just off Norman Bridge are suffering through an improvement project that may have confused some of their customers.  We talked with some of them tonight for a story that may clear the air about whether customers can still have access despite all the re-surfacing and other distractions.
The Mobile Press Register quotes sources that say the Mississippi-Alabama High School football game is leaving Mobile and headed to the new and improved Cramton Bowl here in Montgomery.  I can tell you the Alabama High School Athletic Association has called a news conference to address the future of the game here Thursday.  It would be a coup for the Central Alabama Sports Commission and Montgomery's Parks and Rec Dept. Stay tuned.
And, can you believe all the hot weather this early in the season?  We MIGHT break or at least tie our record high tomorrow.  Rich runs down the possibilities in his new 7-day forecast.
Hope you'll join us.  We'll keep the lights on in the studio for you!
Bob H.