Best in Class - Ariton High School - Amanda Snyder

Amanda Snyder


Ariton High School

Driven, motivated, and hard-working—these three adjectives describe me as an individual extremely well. As I look forward to attending a university and obtaining a degree, the three adjectives mentioned above will all be key factors in my future success. One of my biggest interests is math. Up to this point math, has been an academic in which I naturally excel. For that reason, I possess a love of math. As I begin to choose a career field, my understanding and interest in math will help my making an educated decision. Throughout my life, I have been positively influenced by my parents. They have always provided a strong and stable home environment for me. My father has been especially instrumental in my independence. He has three daughters, all of which he rears as strong independent individuals. My father never allows me to complain or make excuses. He has also taught me to be self-driven, and I am blessed to have parents who motivated me at a young age. Eventually, the values they instilled in me early became my own, and I did not need their continued motivation. I have now developed my own motivation. From the beginning of my academic career, I have striven for perfection, knowing I would not obtain it. This personal rule has motivated me because I know I will not be perfect, but my strive for perfection will vault me onto a stage of excellence. This thirst for excellence is the key factor that has allowed me to earn the title of class valedictorian. As a high school student, I was always challenged by my teachers. The challenge in high school, along with the work ethic my parents instilled in me, will allow me to face the challenges and hardships of college. Another aspect of my high school career, that will enhance my college experience, is my involvement in leadership positions and extracurricular activities. My participation in various clubs has prepared me to have the ability to work productively with many people of differing opinions. With self-motivation and the ability to overcome a challenge in my arsenal, I not only plan to face the challenges of college, but I also plan to conquer them.