Best in Class - Ariton High School - Emy Mangra

Emy Mangra


Ariton High School

As I see the end of my senior year at Ariton High School rapidly approaching, I begin to realize the great importance of my upcoming decisions and the effect that they will have on the rest of my life. My future plan, as far as my education is concerned, is to determine in what I have a passion, graduate from a four-year college, and use my degree to help me thrive and contribute in the real world. I remain unsure as to what specific area or major I am interested in, yet I am excited to begin my journey in pursuit of reaching that decision and finding a career that will lead me to success and happiness. Although I have not had that one special influence in my life that many people ascertain at a young age, that will direct me in which direction that my interests should go, I am very confident that with an open mind and wider range of influences, I will find the path to the rest of my life. My education is very important to me; therefore, I work diligently to keep my grades top of the line so that I can take advantage of every opportunity that arises. My many leadership positions, work experience, academic achievements, and many caring teachers, who have a passion for what they do, have molded me into the person that I am. My high school experiences have taught me many skills in order to be diligent, hardworking, compatible, independent, and headstrong. My attitude is ardent and resolute in beginning my college career and discovering what my future holds.