Best in Class - St. Jude Educational Institute - Karlen Hawes

Karlen Hawes


St. Jude Educational Institute

Karlen has participated in not only National Honor Society service projects, but Student Government Association Projects as well.  She was employed at Father Purcell Exceptional Children's Center where she had the privilege to show love and support to God's most cherished blessings.  She has also done can food drives, coat drives, and helped serve food at soup kitchens.  Not to forget the hours spent doing community service hours in her home church and community.  She plans to attend Tuskegee University to major in English and minor in communications and speech.  She then plans to attend the University of Alabama's School of Law, where she will strive to become a lawyer, and later on, a judge.  Miss Hawes believes that with determination, hare work, and dedication, there is nothing you can not accomplish.