Goodwyn Junior High Teacher is a Class Act

Cindy Tennimon teaches history at Goodwyn Junior High School in Montgomery. It's a tricky job because many students feel past events are irrelevant. 9th grader Anthony Baker says, "she makes history a lot more fun for all of us I think. She'll like relate it with the things that are going on nowadays instead of just talking about history all of the time."

Classmate Ann Millett adds, "she goes over our work thoroughly with us and she gives us extra help on stuff that we need. She does tutoring out of her own time for the people who don't understand it."

One way Tennimon gives students a grasp of the past is with lessons outside of the textbook. She brought in nutmeg for them to taste, to demonstrate the importance of spices in the middle ages. "(The lesson was designed) to make them more aware of what day-to-day life was like during that time with no refrigeration, how important a spice could be to literally cover the taste of spoiled meats, which would still be consumed, because they had to be consumed," says Tennimon.

Goodwyn principal Marie Kostick says of Tennimon, "she makes history come alive for her kids. She gets them thinking at a higher level than just the basic knowledge type level."

Outside of the classroom Tennimon serves as chairman of Goodwyn's school improvement and technology committees.

Education Reporter: Michael Briddell