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Wednesday - June 1, 2011

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Governor Bentley has refused to sign the state's budgets - sending them back to the legislature for additional legislation to generate or reallocate funds. The House and Senate have just two meeting days left to pass the budgets and get them to the governor for his signature.
If you've been to Lake Martin since April 27th when the EF-4 tornado flattened homes and dreams, you know that Children's Harbor took a hit.  Tonight at 10, we'll tell you how the favorite camping destination for kids is back - re-opening.
Tornadoes hit awfully close to the 4.5-million people in the greater Boston area today...taking out homes and lives in Springfield, Massachusetts 90 miles from Boston.  We're there tonight for the latest on the damage the twister left behind.
And, the town of Tallassee gets ready to put its best foot forward - hopefully to get visitors to take a second look at their community. So how will they do it? Find out at 10.
No doubt about our record high temperature today.  The thermometer in my car hit 100* on my drive down to the state capitol this afternoon. WOW!  And it's just June 1st.  Rich updates tomorrow's projected high temperatures.
Hope you'll join us tonight...we'll be looking for you at 10.
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