Big City Slider Station - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – The miniature burger craze is in full swing at fast food and chain restaurants across the country.  Now, you can take that craze into the kitchen of your own home with a new cooking gadget.  It's called the Big City Slider Station, and it claims to work on more than just hamburger meat.

I begin by inspecting the two piece unit and I read the instructions.  It comes with a cook book and a meat scooper.  More scoop on the scoop later.  It's time to head on to the kitchen and the stovetop, after washing the unit before first use.

The test on the Big City Slider Station will be completed with three types of meat and some eggs.  I chose ground sirloin, ground turkey, and ground hot sausage meat for the test.

First up, I scoop the sirloin into the pod with the provided scoop tool and set the lid to begin cooking.  With the burner on medium heat, I check the progress after five minutes.  I find some redness, so I give it another two minutes to cook thoroughly.

After a full seven minutes of cook time, the burgers are fully cooked through.  The sliders slip out with ease, and it's no time that I have the new batch of raw beef in the pods, ready to cook.  Since the Slider Station is already hot, it cooks the second round of sirloin in about four to five minutes.

I clean my scoop and move on to the hot sausage.  These mini-patties cook in about five to six minutes.  The turkey is next and it cooks through in about six to seven minutes.  Each cooked meat patty easily slides out of the slider station with minimal sticking.

Remember the spoon provided?  I broke it by applying just a bit too much pressure when scooping the turkey meat.

The Big City Slider Station does claim to cook eggs, so I try it.  No lid is needed for this one.  After six minutes, the eggs cook thoroughly.  The patties fall out of the slider station and are ready to eat.

The problems with this package were limited.  The spoon broke, but the unit itself works as promised.  A bit tough to clean, and watch the hot edges on the handle, but it's a good gadget for the kitchen.  So, the Big City Slider Station sears a YES for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We found the Big City Slider Station selling for $20.

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