Windshield Wonder - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Smears, smudges, and streaks are all commonplace on a car windshield.  And windshields are often the most difficult glass to clean!  The "Windshield Wonder" claims to make "cleaning windshields fast & easy".

So, I check out the packaging to find out what this thing is all about.  Essentially, it's a specially fitted micro fiber cloth that attaches to a plastic panel on a long handle.  The unit comes with two micro fiber bonnets and a plastic spray bottle for water.  I take it to the parking lot to clean some news vehicle windows.

I fill the water bottle with clean, clear water from the water cooler first.  Then I come up with a plan.  I'll attempt to clean some interior windows, followed by some exterior windows.  I'm looking for how well the Windshield Wonder reaches the tight spaces, and how well it CLEANS the glass.

I begin by misting the cloth with the water from the spray bottle.  I attempt to clean the interior windshield, which has a few marks along with a light film.  Once I get the hang of using the appropriate pressure and angle, I follow the instructions which call for steady pressure with a back and forth motion.  I notice the Windshield Wonder works to wipe away the marks.  But as timed passes and the water dries, the results were not as I desire in a "clean" windshield.  Even though it makes accessing tight places easier, the cloth redistributes the dirt, leaving yet another film.

On the exterior window, I add more water to the cloth and pass the Windshield Wonder in a steady, back and forth motion across the glass.  I notice the dirt is not as prominent once wiped, but a film remains on the glass.

I decide to give something else a try.  I change to a clean bonnet which I now spray with window cleaner solution instead.  I find similar results as with the water, a film and streaks.

Finally, I clean the window with cleaner and an old rag to ensure we can achieve my desired result of a perfectly clean window.  Sure enough a buffing motion with an old terrycloth rag and window cleaner does the job.

So, despite the added reach the Windshield Wonder provides, the cleaning aspect of its promise did not hold up in our tests.  So, the Windshield Wonder will leave you wondering where your money went, thus smearing to a NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

The Windshield Wonder cost us $9.99 at a local retail store.

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