Lawmakers battle the clock to pass bills...

Thursday - June 2, 2011

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With all due respect to the Beatles - Ringo Starr to be exact - it's been a "long day's night" for Alabama lawmakers.  The House and Senate members are working to pass several key bills before time runs out on the session.  We'll recap the flurry of last-minute bills passage in our top story.

Violent crime takes a dive in Montgomery - year-to-date.  We'll reveal the MPD's secret behind the decline.

Whitewater will abound along the Coosa River in Wetumpka over the weekend.  It's the Whitewater Festival - and parts of it are NOT for the faint of heart.  We've got a sneak preview from reporter Bryan Henry.

And, that cool river water will be a blessing for folks out in the potentially record-breaking hot weather over the weekend.  Rich Thomas updates his 7-day forecast.

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