Domestic violence case ends with shooting....

Friday - June 3, 2011

Hope you'll make us a part of this hot summer night...

We start off tonight with the story of a case of domestic violence that ended with a 35 year old man in the hospital fighting for his life.  Troy police aren't saying much...other than the 34 year old woman and the 35 year old man were involved in some sort of conflict....and that the man was eventually shot by a 61 year old man.  No names.  No motive.  No arrests.   We'll hear from the shooting victim's mother.

A woman in Chilton County is in jail at this hour - charged with murdering her 11 year old son and wounding his 15 year old brother.  The sheriff says his department is at a loss to explain the shooting.

And, the small town of Cordova is standing strong against allowing double-wide mobile homes in its city limits...despite the crying need for shelter after most of the town was destroyed in a tornado on April 27th. We'll tell you why its a city ordinance many people are upset about.

Plus, Rich updates the weekend forecast....and temperatures more like the first week in July.

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