Editorial: Riley's Testimony - Correction

This editorial aired on Tuesday, June 7th.  There was an error in the use of the word "blocked" in the 4th paragraph.  The correct word should have been "modified".  My apologies.

Unless you just tuned in and have been under a rock since April of last year, you know that what may turn out to be one of the most significant trials in Alabama history began this week.

9 defendants, including 4 state senators, are accused of bribery, fraud and conspiracy in buying and selling votes regarding the legality of gambling casinos in Alabama.

It was that issue… the legality of bingo machines… that Governor Riley tried to address through his illegal gambling task force months before this corruption investigation began.

Riley has been subpoenaed to testify in the trial, but has asked that his subpoena be blocked modified due to an Alaskan motorcycle vacation he has had planned for some time.

It is not a stretch of logic to suggest that, had it not been for Governor Riley, the corruption investigation, subsequent indictments, and this week's trial may have never taken place.

If it is purely a matter of inconvenience for Riley, and if it comes down to going on vacation or testifying, the governor  needs to put that trip off until next summer.

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