Cash for Kindness: Helping the Visually Impaired

William Bowman receives a little "Cash for Kindness".
William Bowman receives a little "Cash for Kindness".

SELMA, AL (WSFA) - William Bowman is a man who saw a need because of his own disability and couldn't wait to fill the void. The result, a new outlook for one group in our community.

Bowman is surrounded by his life's mission, equipment and shelves of information to help the visually impaired enjoy a better quality of life.

"He's a genuine type person," says Gloria Black, who met Bowman several years ago. She says she was amazed at how the man, who is legally blind, doesn't use his disability as a crutch.

Bowman organized V.I.P., or Visually Impaired People, as a non-profit organization that helps sponsor field trips and raise money for equipment for visually impaired children and adults.

"He helps them and provides transportation for them," Black said, "and I'm sure if he gets this award he will probably put it back into the system and help others."

WSFA 12 News gave Black $120 that she then passed along to Bowman for his good deeds.

He got the suprise at his home in Selma, welcomed news.

"Oh my!" he said as he was handed the money, admitting that he'd seen the "Cash for Kindness" segment on TV before.

"But I didn't know I was going to be getting an award, so I'm very surprised by this," Bowman admitted. "I don't know exactly what to say but thank you, and the money will be used for the organization's mission."

It's a mission that's helping so many in the Dallas County area have a brighter future.

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Cash for Kindness" send me an email to  Don't forget to put "Cash for Kindness" in the subject line.

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