The lingering drought increases wildfires and water conservation

Tuesday - June 7, 2011

When it's this hot - you rarely have a lot of rain around.  And, when you haven't had measurable precipitation in weeks, wooded areas get extra dry and vulnerable to wildfires. That means small, volunteer fire departments are being strained - often to the limit. And, it also means water conservation measures are becoming more common. 
When you get three dozen lawyers in one courtroom - it can take a while for things to get done.  And, that's exactly what's going on in the state house corruption trial at the Frank M. Johnson, Jr. Federal Building in Montgomery.  After two days of questioning prospective jurors...they'll be back at it tomorrow morning.  So, when will opening statements begin?  We'll have an estimate at 10.
Three items of interest at the Prattville City Council meeting tonight.  The biggest item - a request from the mayor for an additional $5-million in the budget so he can make the city's loan payments.  The other items involved the hours of operation of the city swimming pool and the negotiation of a contract with the LPGA for this year's Navistar Tournament at the RSA courses in Prattville.
Hope you'll join us for these stories and many, many more that I just don't have time to write about.
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Bob H.