Water Jet Power Washer - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – For the toughest jobs outdoors, many turn to the dirt busting action of a gas power washer.  However, a new product on the market claims to turn your garden hose into a power washer, for much less money and even less to lug around the backyard.  This revolutionary product goes by the name of the Water Jet Power Washer.

So what's it made of?  It's a 2.5' aluminum tube with a stainless steel valve.  The Water Jet comes with two brass nozzles: one for a concentrated stream and one for a wide spray.  The idea here is not unlike a regular hose nozzle or a power washer nozzle.  Increase the pressure of the water by forcing it through a smaller opening.

Tom Stahl is a senior account executive at WSFA.  He often uses gas powered washers to clean up around the house.  He is curious to see how well the Water Jet Power Washer will work.

First, he finds the Water Jet easily attaches to the garden hose.  Also, the nozzles are easy to switch.  Tom says he enjoys the comfort of the handle.

With the valve open, water begins to flow though the spray nozzle.  Tom brought a bunch of dirty items from his home with him to test the Water Jet with.  He attempts to clean the dirty shovel first.

Tom says, "It's got a decent amount of pressure."

And that's enough to clear the caked on dirt from the shovel.  However, the Water Jet is not much of a match for the dirt on the siding.

"It's not really getting the deep down dirt on the edge over here," explains Tom in reference to the siding.

On his dirty grease gun, it clears off some of the top layer of grease, but not enough to impress Tom.  The jet claims to reach second story windows.  Using the stream nozzle, Tom can barely reach the bottom of the second floor glass.

Tom notices, "All we're doing is getting it wet.  It's not really taking [off] the dirt, or debris, or grease."

It does take off a top layer of dirt form the cars, but it doesn't clean as well as a gas power wash unit spray would.  And, it does blast dirt away on the ground.  But the weed blasting claim is lacking.  It just tilts the weeds back into the cracks instead of ripping them out of the soil.

"Overall, I think it's a neat little device.  Like I said, it's portable, it's handy, it fits in your hand, and it's easy to operate.  But, to me it just doesn't do the job, because I'm used to the heavier duty pressure washers that work extremely well," says Tom.

With a grade of 6/10 from Tom, our results for the Water Jet Power Washer leave us with a dirt ridden NO for this week's "Does it Work?" test.

We purchased the Water Jet Power Washer for $19.99 at a local shop.

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