Montgomery Sniper Victim's Family Awarded 50 Million Dollars By Judge

An Alabama judge has awarded 50 million dollars to the estate of a Montgomery woman shot to death outside a liquor store in one of a series of fatal shootings that authorities linked to Washington sniper suspects John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo.

Montgomery County Circuit Judge William Shashy says the judgment against Muhammad and Malvo seeks to preclude them from -- in the judge's words -- "economically profiting from their own evil acts" such as from the sale of movie or book rights. A suit seeking damages from Muhammad and Malvo was filed on behalf of the estate of Claudine Parker, who was shot to death on September 21st of 2002. She and a co-worker, wounded in the shooting, were closing a state liquor store in Mo

The wrongful death suit was served on Muhammad and Malvo last May. And when they did not file any response or defend against the complaint, attorneys for the Parker estate asked Shashy to grant a motion for a default judgment against them. In today's order granting the motion, Shashy said the crime was --quoting-- "particularly heinous and shocking." Shashy said the 50 million dollar judgment is consistent with the recent award of 115 million dollars against bombing suspect Eric Rudolph in a Birmingham abortion clinic bombing that maimed a nurse, Emi