Overnight Shooting in Montgomery


June 9, 2011

Good Morning!

We are following the developing story of an overnight shooting in Montgomery. A man was shot four times. At last check, his injuries were life-threatening. We are still working to get more information and we'll pass that along to you on Today in Alabama.

It's another day of jury selection in the gambling corruption trial. Reporter Bethany Wales will update us on the progress being made as the attorneys in the case try to choose a jury pool using a long list of questions. She'll be reporting live from downtown Montgomery at the federal courthouse where the trial resumes this morning.

And a part of the capital city's downtown is about to go from a parking lot to a park. We'll tell you about the big plans to make the change to a 'greener' space and how long it should take to make that happen.

Those stories plus your latest sports and weather, straight ahead on Today in Alabama on WSFA 12 News.

See you soon!

Tonya Terry