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Disabled Surprise girl gets iPad for therapy


Kameron Bertetto spent about as much time in the neonatal intensive care unit as she did in the womb.

She and her twin brother, Keaton, were born at 25 weeks, each with an uphill battle.

"I think they only had a 20 percent chance to survive, each of them. She coded twice and they brought her back twice," said Kelly Bertetto, Kameron's mom.

Keaton lost an eye from surgery complications. But now, at 2 1/2 years old, he's catching up quickly.

Kameron hasn't been so lucky.

Severe intestinal problems ultimately lead to a brain bleed.

"She has some significant delays, and we were just recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy for her," said Bertetto.

Kameron can't walk or talk. Her cognitive skills are severely underdeveloped.

But her therapist just discovered something that activates her mind like nothing else has to this point -- an iPad.

"It's the perfect size for her to hold, and she can use it communicate until her cognitive capabilities improve," said Jennifer Montoya, a therapist with the Foundation for the Blind.

Bertetto wants her daughter to practice with the iPad as much as possible, but they can't afford to buy an one of their own.

"That's why she created 'Operation Kameron' so she can get her own iPad, and some people donated already but they are not cheap," said Tina King, a friend of Bertetto's.

King emailed CBS 5 and nominated Bertetto for our "Pay It Forward" series.

When King surprised Bertetto at her home in Surprise with the $500, Bertetto began crying.

Kelly Bertetoo nicknamed her daughter "turtle."
Hopefully with the iPad therapy, Kameron will start to come out of her shell.

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