Riley attorney: Deal reached with McGregor's attorneys

File Photo: Gov. Bob Riley
File Photo: Gov. Bob Riley

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Former Alabama Governor Bob Riley's attorney says he's informed the court that he has struck an agreement with Milton McGregor's attorneys who filed a subpoena for Riley to testify at trial.
Matthew Lembke, Riley's attorney said since the governor will be on his long-planned vacation, McGregor's team has agreed to give him enough notice for him to come back from the trip to testify at trial.

Lembke was clear to point out it had nothing to do with the motion to quash the subpoena altogether.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Terry Moorer set a hearing to discuss Riley's testimoney for Saturday at 2:00pm.

Judge Terry Moorer will hear arguments as to why the former governor and several others should not have to testify, given their status of executive privilege.

If the judge eventually rules that Riley needs to testify, then McGregor's attorneys are required to give him reasonable notice to return to Alabama.

However, if Judge Moorer rules in favor of Gov. Riley and he doesn't need to testify, then the agreement with McGregor's team is moot.

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