Hearing on Riley's subpoena about to get underway

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - U.S. Magistrate Judge Terry Moorer is set to hear arguments as to why former Governor Riley and several others should not have to testify in the gambling corruption trial, given their status of executive privilege.

The hearing will start at 2pm today.  WSFA 12 News Reporter Bryan Henry is in the hearing room now and will have the full story tonight at 6:00pm.

As soon as the hearing ends, we will have a summary of what transpired on WSFA.com.

If the judge eventually rules that Riley needs to testify, then McGregor's attorneys are required to give him reasonable notice to return to Alabama.

However, if Judge Moorer rules in favor of Gov. Riley and he doesn't need to testify, then the agreement with McGregor's team is moot.

According to Bryan, former Governor Riley will not be at the hearing, only his lawyers will attend.