Editorial: Tough Immigration Law

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Last week the state legislature passed, and Governor Bentley signed, what everyone agrees is the toughest immigration law in the nation.

Unfortunately it is not only tough on illegal immigrants, but is also tough on citizens.

Citizens who may unknowingly help an illegal immigrant can be arrested for it.

Tough on public school administrators, who must make sure that suspicious students have proof of citizenship.

Tough on law enforcers who may verify the legality of anyone they stop if they have "reasonable suspicion" that the individual is here illegally?

That's tough on civil liberties.

Illegal immigration is a problem in the US, but we can't have 50 different immigration laws.  This one will certainly be challenged as unconstitutional in court, and oddly enough, that may be the bright spot in the passage of these laws.

If enough states try to address this problem with flawed policies, maybe the federal government will step up to its responsibility and make and enforce a just immigration policy.

Legal immigration is one reason America is great today. Illegal immigration threatens that and needs to be addressed, but by the federal government, not the Alabama legislature.

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