Hit & Run, shootout leaves suspect dead, officer wounded

Photo Source: RickeyStokesNews.com
Photo Source: RickeyStokesNews.com

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - A hit and run collision in Dothan has ended after a high speed chase left one person dead and a police officer wounded. The incident happened late Monday evening in Dothan.

Details are limited at this hour, but authorities tell WSFA 12 News they responded to calls of an accident with injuries at John D. Odom Drive and West Main Street.

Investigators say the suspect, unidentified, fled the scene of the collision and was chased by Dothan police, Houston County Sheriff's deputies and Alabama State Troopers up West Main Street and onto Ross Clark Circle.

Sheriff Andy Hughes said the suspect was seen brandishing a firearm from the window of his vehicle as he drove down Main Street. He was pointing it at officers and other citizens.

The chase ended when officers performed the Pitt maneuver on the suspect's car, a technique that requires bumping the suspect car near the rear axle to disable it. The maneuver ended with the police officer's car and the suspect's car side-by-side.

Sheriff Hughes said the suspect came out of his car after it was disabled on Ross Clark Circle, and he and officers exchanged gunfire.

The suspect was struck numerous times, according to Hughes, and was declared dead a short time later. A deputy sheriff was wounded when a bullet struck his arm. Hughes called the injury "minor", though the officer was still transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Sheriff Hughes has called a news conference for Tuesday morning, though a specific time is not yet set.

Tune in to Today in Alabama starting at 5:00am for the latest information.

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