Tape: $1M per year to senator for gambling vote

Sen. Scott Beason on the stand.
Sen. Scott Beason on the stand.

A secret recording played in Alabama's gambling corruption trial has a casino lobbyist offering a state senator $1 million a year to support pro-gambling legislation.

Prosecutors played the tape Tuesday when Republican state Sen. Scott Beason returned to the witness stand in Montgomery.

Beason said he wore a recording device for the FBI when he met Country Crossing lobbyist Jarrod Massey on Feb. 19, 2010, in Homewood. Massey, who has pleaded guilty, tells Beason that VictoryLand casino owner Milton McGregor and Country Crossing casino owner Ronnie Gilley are working together and they need his vote to pass pro-gambling legislation.

Massey tells Beason, "What I'm saying is there's a million out there and you can use it however." He said one avenue is a public relations job requiring little work.

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