Clean up crews half way finished clearing out Lake Martin

An outdoor job for a man who enjoys working outside. Still, Wes Trammell wished it wasn't this. After all this is a reflection of a storm system that left its calling card at Lake Martin in Tallapoosa County, loss and devastation, lives disrupted in a matter of seconds.

"We do want to help people clean up and their lives back to normalcy," said Trammell of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Nearly two months after those April 27th tornados the mess on Lake Martin is slowly beginning to fade away. Trammell is in charge of the lake clean up, not the destruction on land.

"We have hundreds of years of experience out there. It's a very specialized job," said Trammell.

Skills that require a steady hand at the controls. The two excavation companies are skimming at the top and going under.. 17 feet below.

By the time they finish contractors will have pulled out enough debris in the water to cover an entire football field and stack it 8 feet high.

Wes Trammell says most of the lake will be cleared of tornado-related debris by July 4th. The lake is not closed but he is asking boaters to stay away at least 200 feet from cove areas where there is a barge.

The clean-up crews are putting in 12 hour days from sunrise to sunset and they've been doing it for weeks.

It's back on the water tomorrow.

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