City prepares for the next phase of downtown development...

Tuesday - June 14th (Flag Day)

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The city of Montgomery embarks on an historic project. It bought the property out along what used to be Bell Street from downtown to Maxwell.  Now, they've cleared most of it revealing a "priceless" view of the Alabama River.  The city is banking on developers flocking to the bluff and riverfront because it's a unique part of town previously unseen by most folks in town.
The defense will continue cross examining the star witness - and only witness - so far in the state house corruption trial.  We'll tell you what to expect tomorrow when Sen. Scott Beason is back on the stand.
Someone out there is really bold....breaking in to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department's shooting range building....and making off with weapons.  We'll track the search for the bold burglars at 10.
And, a little know state board scrutinized by State Auditors...who have lots of questions about the board's finances and how they spent taxpayer dollars.
Plus, Rich has actually increased - ever so slightly - our rain chances for tomorrow.  Hey...we'll take any rain we can get, right?
See you tonight at 10...on the set.
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