Maxwell Boulevard RFP released to developers

The view from Maxwell Blvd.
The view from Maxwell Blvd.

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - $1.45 million dollars.  That's how much the city spent to acquire some of the property on Maxwell Boulevard.  But city leaders will tell you, they consider it to be priceless.

"You get spectacular views during the day and particularly at night," says Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange.

Back in March, residents and city leaders came together to lay out a master plan for Maxwell Boulevard--similar to the one used for the downtown revitalization.

They focused on bringing residential space to the area claiming the unique river view will attract developers.

The city bought the land and is now waiting to sell it to whomever has the best ideas.

"We've had at least three individuals come and say hey, what about this property the city has acquired over the year or so?" says Strange.

The Request for Proposal is nearly 40 pages long, carefully outlining the requirements for any submissions.

Developers must adhere to the city's smart-code regulations and its master plan. They must include building sketches, elevations, floor plans, and possible tenants. Mayor Strange can't wait to see the ideas.

"I'd love to see residential there. If you're going to have residential, you're going to need to have retail. A restaurant or two, and maybe a grocery store," says Strange.

"It would be a definite improvement," says Montgomery resident Sandra Gonzalez.

Residents we talked with can't wait to see the finished product.

"It looks pretty, and it looks inviting," adds Gonzalez.

"I would definitely consider living in an area like that," adds Gonzalez's husband.

After all the proposals are in, the city will start interviewing the developers. They plan to do that in October, and hope to announce the winners November 1st.

Once the winners are finalized and the properties are sold, developers will have two years to complete their projects.

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