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  • Wiretap: Sen. Beason calls blacks

Defense questions Beason on "aborigines"

Sketch of Attorney Bobby Segall Sketch of Attorney Bobby Segall

A state senator who recorded conversations for the FBI in Alabama's gambling corruption probe called black customers of a gambling hall "aborigines" during one conversation he taped.

A defense attorney for indicted casino owner Milton McGregor presented a transcript in court Wednesday from a recorded conversation that Republican Sen. Scott Beason had with two other GOP legislators. The three were talking about black customers of Greenetrack casino in Eutaw.

The transcript quoted Beason as saying: "They're aborigines, but they're not Indians."

Beason testified that he did not recall the conversation.

Defense attorney Bobby Segall argued that Beason disdained black customers of electronic bingo casinos, but Beason denies the claim.

Beason is on the witness stand for the third day in the gambling corruption trial.

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