Editorial: Feedback

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - I received plenty of feedback on my editorial questioning the wisdom of Alabama's new immigration law.  One viewer wrote:

"It is the responsibility of the state to keep its citizens safe. If the federal government will not enforce the laws, the state must take control to protect our constitution and all Alabamians."

Another  wrote:

"The feds have no interest in stopping illegals from entering this country because they know they can't round them all up and deport them.  But the states can put a huge dent in them by arresting them and anyone who hires them…"

And one supportive comment:

"Finally, it was heartwarming to hear a voice of reason on the immigration issue. Our family emigrated from England in 1634 probably for the same reason, opportunity."

Finally, let me correct an error in last week's editorial on former Governor Riley's corruption trial testimony.  I said:

"Riley … has asked that his subpoena be blocked due to an Alaskan motorcycle vacation he has had planned…"

I should have said that he asked that the subpoena be modified to allow him to go to Alaska.  Big difference, my apologies.

Judge Moorer granted Riley's request to block the subpoena on other grounds, so the governor gets to take his long planned vacation, and I'm happy for him.

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