Micro S'mores - "Does it Work?"

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) – Are you a fan of sandwiches made of graham crackers, milk chocolate, and gooey marshmallow?  These sandwiches are a fireside treat we all know as s'mores.  A new product called Micro S'mores replaces the fire needed to roast the marshmallow with your microwave!  Now, you can enjoy s'mores in the comfort of your home, if it works!

The unit has a base for treat assembly and a top which covers the s'more.  A plunger attached to the top unit is what makes the whole thing work.

All of the ingredients of the s'more stay the same.  The assembly process does change slightly.  Instead of roasting your marshmallow over the campfire and then assembling the s'more, you assemble the graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker first and let the microwave do the work of heating the marshmallow.

So, I assemble my first s'more on the base.  Then I place the top onto the base.  Before heating, the plunger extends all the way up which could be problematic in a smaller microwave.  Once in the microwave, it's only ten seconds to heat.

This first one has a bit of a marshmallow blowout, but altogether it looks to have worked well.  I cook a few more, adjusting the time to eight or nine seconds to compensate for the marshmallow blowout.  Each marshmallow melts differently, but each time I get the perfect s'more.

I wonder if I could just cook the pre-assembled s'more stack on a plate, alleviating the need for the Micro S'mores contraption.  Without the lid, the expanding marshmallow disassembles my s'more, so the plunger does play an important role.

The s'mores look pretty, but how do they taste?  I take a tray of the s'mores around the newsroom for reactions.  Several sample and I am not able to find any disappointment in the taste of the microwave s'mores.  Some do mention they miss the crunch & fun of the roasted marshmallow thought.

In our tests, time after time we have perfectly built & tasty microwaveable s'mores.  So we'll give the Micro S'mores an ooey gooey YES for our "Does it Work" test.

We ordered our Micro S'mores online for $9.99, plus shipping.

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