MPD prepares for crime increase during summer months

Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy says summertime is a hotbed for crime in the Capital City.

"May through August you start to see this upward trend."

Murphy says he'll never know exactly why crime is higher in the summer months, but has a few ideas.

"It could be because more people are outside. Ya know the days are longer."

He also believes with school out, many teenagers have nothing to do. Just this week two 17 year olds were charged with murder.

"That is a concern. Idle hands sometimes...they get in trouble and break the law," adds Murphy.

There is some good news, though. There has been a decrease of summertime crime in the past three years. While we're only halfway through June, the number of homicides is currently lower than last year.

"June of 2010 we had seven. That was a busy month."

Police started what's called "Safe Summer Initiative"--beefing up presence in areas where crime among juveniles occurs frequently.

Ernest Vandiver disagrees with this strategy.

"I think they need to patrol all neighborhoods equally instead of certain neighborhoods."

But he and others will tell you they feel safe in Montgomery.

"I have protection so I'm not worried about crime," adds Vandiver.

"[It's good] knowing that they're out and watching more in the summertime when kids are out of school," says Montgomery resident Trisha Crook.

"We're trying to do as much as we can to try and make it go down and stop it," adds Murphy.

Chief Murphy doesn't believe juvenile crime is any higher this year than it was last. But he says they're focusing on it because many of their daily activity reports are revealing a large amount of teen shootings and stolen guns.

Murphy says January and February are typically the slowest months for crime.

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