Wetumpka Depot Players head to national competition

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - Some local actors and directors are hoping for a big break.  The Wetumpka Depot Players are in Rochester, N. Y. for a national competition.

The group's performance of Second Samuel, a play based in small town Georgia in 1949, has earned the Players wide acclaim.

"The times are simpler and slower, but the people are just as interesting and unique as we have today," said Jonathan Conner, an actor in the performance.  "And it's about the relationships that develop and change, between the people that live in the small town of Second Samuel."

The players have won the state competition, then a regional competition in Atlanta and now head to New York for the American Association of Community Theatre Festival.  Jonathan Conner won best actor at the regional competition for his part in the play.

"We're focused and dedicated," Conner said.  "We put in a lot of hours.  A lot of hours, so we're just looking forward to getting up there and showing the best of what Alabama has to offer."

Tom Salter and Steve Mitchell both won director and actor awards in the regional competition.

"We have some of the most amazing talent you've ever seen," Mitchell said.  "I think we just have a good show, then the show has a good story."

The Players look forward to showing their stuff on the big stage.

"I think it's going to be amazing," said Kim Mason, an actor in the performance.  "What I'm really looking forward to is seeing the other people.  There's 11 other companies competing with us and give them a little piece of Alabama."

The Wetumpka Depot Players held a series of fundraising performance to help pay for the trip to the competition.  The performance is on June 24th, and the awards ceremony is on June 25th.

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