Autaugaville: Clean Sweep

AUTAUGAVILLE, AL (WSFA) - You probably have at least one of them at home, but never think about where it came from.   The art of broom and mop making just doesn't happen too much here in America.  But in the small town of Autaugaville, they are sweeping up the competition.   "We started the company back in 1935," said Crystal Lake Manufacturing leader Theresa Dunn.  "It really is an art making brooms.  You don't just have a machine stamping them out, it really is a craft."

They have more than 50 employees, sewing, sawing, and assembling all day.    Shelby Broadnax has been with the company for 44 years.   "You just got to get a feel on how much straw to grab, you just get a feeling on how much to put in there," Broadnax said.   This place has been his life for almost a half century.   So what would he be doing if here weren't making brooms?   "Probably be retired."

The broom making process is very hands on, making mops is a little more automated.  But that doesn't mean easy.  If you think it is, watch the story here and see how much I struggled.

So what makes this company stand out, and sell its products all over the world.   "In order to compete in today's market, with all kinds of competition and products that are cheap, we have to provide quality and service so our company stands out."

You can see what Crystal Lake has to offer.   Just check out their web site at:

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