Family claims pet ducks, tortured, maimed and killed

Monday - June 20, 2011

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When we got the call from a viewer in our area, the story we heard was hard to imagine.  The woman told us someone killed 20 of their pet ducks and laid them out in her yard.  She said some of the ducks appeared to have been tortured and maimed before they died.  The description of what was done to the ducks is enough to make you sick.  Tonight, you'll hear the story - in hopes that something can be done to stop any other attack on the otherwise helpless animals.
Week three of the State House corruption trial and only the second witness was on the stand.  The prosecution put State Representative Barry Mask on the stand to talk about helping the FBI in its investigation of alleged vote buying and selling on pro-bingo legislation.  Then it was the defense's turn to grill Mask.  Details in a full report at 10.
When a Montgomery Family Court Judge stepped down from the bench last Wednesday she made no public comment on what was behind her decision.  Today, the Judicial Inquiry Commission filed a 127-page complaint against Patricia Warner and the way she ran her courtroom and handled cases involving divorces, custody and alimony.  Tonight, more on the 6 counts and 74 charges she must answer. 
And, LAMP Magnet High School in Montgomery is one of the best in the country....according to Newsweek magazine.  We'll tell you how the kids here matched up with others around the nation.
Plus, a forecast you're going to enjoy - for a change.  Rain and cooler temperatures on the way!  What a way to start summer (on the weather calendar, that is).
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