Witness: $5,000 in checks came after casino call

A woman who organized a fundraiser for state Rep. Barry Mask testified a representative of Milton McGregor's VictoryLand gambling hall wanted to buy all of the 100 tickets priced at $50 each.

Debbie Moore said she told the man that no tickets were left for the event in February 2010. But the man said they would attend anyway.

Moore said two men showed up at the fundraiser with two checks totaling $5,000 in campaign donations. Both were lobbyists for McGregor.

One of them, Bob Geddie, is on trial with McGregor and seven others in federal court in Montgomery.

Moore took the witness stand Tuesday after Mask testified that McGregor offered him significant campaign contributions if he would support pro-gambling legislation.

Mask testified Geddie never asked him to do anything wrong.

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