The parade of witnesses grows longer at federal courthouse...

Tuesday - June 21, 2011

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A quick invitation to catch up on the state house corruption trial...where the list of witnesses called by the prosecution continues to grow.  We're live at the Federal Courthouse in our top story.
We'll also talk with one of the people who filed the complaint against a former Montgomery Family Court Judge.  She explains how much money she spent because of her time before the judge.
The Montgomery City Council considers a request for Dollar General stores to start selling beer and wine.  Will it fly?  Find out in a live report at 6.
And, the city of Prattville's newly added one-cent sales tax may be just what the doctor ordered for its slumping revenues and large debt payments.
Plus, a new forecast that really has folks talking...and looking for their umbrellas!
See you on the set at 6.
Bob H.