Cash for Kindness: Christian Service


When most people decide to retire they take it easy and often try to do as little as possible. 
We met a woman in Montgomery who retired from one job and took up another job of serving others and so many people are benefiting.
Since retiring three years ago Betty Taylor has spent a lot of time in the kitchens of others, helping them anyway she can. 
"When you talk about Christian service"  said Annette Russell.  She  sent us an email recommending Betty Taylor for Cash for Kindness.   "There were a lot of people that I could have recommended from our church family but I know I've reaped the benefits of her servitude and stewardship."
When Russell had surgery, Taylor came to her home and took over the cooking and cleaning.  At the time,  Russell's daughter needed someone to help her get ready for the Prom.  Taylor made sure she had a dress.  
"You know when people tell you call me if you need me but you really don't want them to call you and hope they don't need you she's there to do whatever she can."
Russell wanted to do what she could to show Taylor her appreciation.  So, we surprised Taylor at her church with some cash for kindness.  "I nominated you for Cash for Kindness" said Russell.  She also went on to tell  her about the impact she's made on her life.
"You were there for me when I was recuperating from my surgery and to witness what you've done for other church members here at Shiloh I thought it was befitting to nominate you for Cash for Kindness."
"I just don't know what to say" said Taylor. 
With 120 dollars we say thank you Betty Taylor for serving not only those in your church but your community.

If you'd like to nominate someone for cash for kindness send Valorie Lawson an email at  Don't for get to put "Cash for Kindness" in the subject line.